Time to Listen: 22 min. 45 sec.
David and Josh bust the popular myth of print, as a marketing medium, is dead.

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Mentioned in This Episode 110: Is Print Dead?

  • Why we love print
  • David’s business card, Josh’s business card
  • Direct Mail
  • Print in combination with digital
  • Books, Magazines, Newsletter
  • Print has a permanence and feels more valuable
  • Tactile and Haptics–the science of touch
  • Match your medium to the message
  • Print doesn’t require electricity or wi-fi


Resources Mentioned


LecoursDesign business cards

Miles Herndon Business Cards



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Let us know what you think about this episode. How are you using print to differentiate your firm? Any new printing, paper, or ink techniques you are using? Are you using print, in combination with digital, to communicate more effectively? What’s a new print initiative you are planning for 2018? Use the form on our homepage to let us know.


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